Model For Us!

If you like what we offer! and wanna model for us?! please Contact The Head Model - Jade Via Email -

She will give you some advise and support to your submission.

FQA's :

1. Do I need to have a portfolio to become one?: No! I believe in we got to start somewhere! and I have had models in the past had no shoots and wanted to start somewhere and we give them the opportunity!

2. If I was to be accepted, what the benefits?: I do my best to look after models, I have models of Marina Joyce & Jade Rowells who have to enjoy the experience, If you want to ask something, please feel free, you will gain a discounts up to 30% off code for your followers and every order you will receive a commission, also holidays treats (like Christmas and birthdays), with shoots, if I requested a location that might make you move, We will sort out your travel and shoots out so you don't have to.

3. I don't have a lot of followers, would it affect my application?: Not at all, we see in the model, not the number of followers you have, you could have nothing to thousands to millions of followers and we will treat you all equally. as long you enjoy the experience, then that's matters.

4. Is there anything I need to know before I apply?: well I am willing to answer every question you have to ask if you curious about anything. please bear in mind that we do get a lot of models applying to us so we do see what we can to see if your right for us! we will say is we only want to make you happy as we go the extra mile for you and treat you like family if you want to return the shirt after doing the shoots that's fine! just keep the packaging as it's will be easier for you. if you wondering about payment, we will discuss how you want to, we can do online banking, PayPal or we will send you an envelope...



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