Fly Free Apparel came about from a YouTuber who always dreamed of having a line of his own; the Name "Fly Free" has been a close meaning due to people who can't feel "Free" or are unable to do what they want to do. I Myself have suffered with feeling "Controlled and Slayed" and I have met so many people who also suffer from being judged and can't live a dream. So I have started a YouTube Channel under the name of - "AzzaCurrey" to remind people that you can be free and enjoy life without doubts and fights.

Q: "What Made You Start A Clothing Line?"

A: "Well I always wanted to have a shirt that has me on it or something of mine and people wear it and feel awesome, as I grew up wearing something even Primark wont want to sell and I want people to wear something slick."

Q: "What Influences You?"

A: "I don't personally have any influences, but I am inspired by ideas other shops display; I like their many styles from Alternatives, Smart Wear, Casual Clothing, and Formal Clothing's Lines such as Thunder Apparel and Deth Kult Clothing have helped me to improve Fly Free, so I thank them for being such great inspirations to help me out".

Q: "Why the name Fly Free Apparel?"

A: I personally love Eagles, and Eagles are my YouTube's Channel Logo. On New Year's Eve 2014, I searched for a name that was bird-related; I went through so many names but I saw "Fly Free" was available... so I used it! Then I found out there was a "Free Fly Apparel" months later.

Q: How Did Fly Free Start?

A: The Clothing Line started on 30th of December of 2014 as it was always been on the back of my mind after a failed attempted of the first line I started called "Metfiner" which nothing was complete or felt right about it, so after a year, i saw a couple of YouTube videos of bald eagles flying and it come to mind of an eagle influence name "Fly Free", the clothing industry for the independent brands has mostly been alternative/metal theme, so i want to step away from joining the crowd. the style that fly free is Drop Dead back (in the 2009) and Thunder Apparel. But in 2016, fly free has stop from making new products as i am changing the style to more "original" than cheap Gildian with one colour print. the new ultimate Eagle Set will come out in 2019 after almost 5 years of finding the "niche" and i am looking forward to release it soon.


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